Trills lasting only 2 beats

• Jun 13, 2024 - 07:01

So Im recreating a 2/4 classical song and there is a part where it has to trill for 8 beats. So I tie everything and put the trill lines over all measures but the sound is like the first and lasts 2 beats are being trilled. How do I fix this? The image shows what I did.

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I think the key thing is that the trill is lasting only "one measure", rather than "two beats". The same thing happens in 4/4 with tied whole notes, except that the trill lasts four beats ("one measure"!) at the beginning and four at the end.

20240613 144812-mm trill.png

I think I recall seeing posts about this being a known issue? But I don't remember where and can't find it. Anybody else???

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