Miért nincs a MuseScor 3.x nél újabb elérhető Help?

• Jun 12, 2024 - 12:37

Én a MuseScore-t már a 2.0 óta használom. Már a 3.0-val is tudtam a feleségem éneke alá kíséretet gyártani. A 4.x nagyon ígéretes, mert a hajlításoknál (bocs, 72 éves, még mindig zenésznek tartó ember vagyok) Nekem óriási segítség a rendszeretek. Nagyon jól élhető, logikusan kezelhető. HONYORGOM! Tegyétek már fel végre a 4,x-et is. Én vállalom, hogy magyarra fordítva, A4.es formátumban megkapjátok (Megengedve) az átszerkesztés lehetőségét is) .docx formátumban. Köszönöm a munkátokat!


Google Translate says:

I've been using MuseScore since version 2.0. Even with the 3.0 I was able to produce an accompaniment to my wife's vocals. 4.x is very promising, because your system is a huge help to me when it comes to bending (sorry, I'm 72 years old, I'm still a musician). It is very livable and can be handled logically. I HURRY! Finally put up the 4.x as well. I undertake that you will receive it translated into Hungarian in A4 format (with the possibility of re-editing also allowed) in .docx format. Thank you for your work!

I'm well aware that Google Translate is horrible, but it's the only translater I've got.

Like Jojo, I don't understand what your problem is. Printing on A4 (or any other size of paper) is handled by your computer and should be very easy: simply change the paper size in the Format / Page Settings dialog. (Sorry I don't know how it's labeled in Hungarian.)

Saving a MuseScore file as .DOCX is not possible, nor is it desirable as a Word file could not successfully hold a score.

在Ms 4.0时,他没用了。到4.2/3时,他变成了一条连接两个音符的折线。
也许你用回Ms 3会好一些。
另外, 我建议你不要用匈牙利语发帖子,因为对大部分不会匈牙利语的外国人来说, 这很难理解。试试英语,因为大部分外国人会英语。

Is your curved arrow a curved sound?
In Ms 4.0, he was useless. At 4.2/3, he became a line connecting two notes.
Perhaps it will be better for you to use Ms 3 again.
Additionally, I suggest that you do not post in Hungarian, as it is difficult for most foreigners who do not speak Hungarian to understand. Try English because most foreigners know it.

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