MuseScore plays each dance a third time through before it transitions to the next

• Jun 12, 2024 - 05:26

I've dealt with some repeat and Da Capo related issues before, but never one quite like this. You see, this is a set of German Dances by Mozart, which is all attacca, i.e. no breaks in the music. And it has Da Capo at the end of each Alternativo section. Da Capo is supposed to make it repeat from the top once and then go to whatever is next right? Indeed that's what the YouTube recording I used as a tempo reference for the MuseScore file did. But, that's not what MuseScore does here. It does the whole Da Capo thing twice. It's like it thinks that the repeat applies to Da Capo too, but it shouldn't!

What YouTube recordings do:

||: A section :|||: Alternativo :|| Da Capo A section | Da Capo Alternativo | Transition | Next dance

Hope I'm making sense here, I'm illustrating here what should happen, that the Da Capo happens once and then it just continues on to the transition material after that with no third time through.

What MuseScore does:

||: A section :|||: Alternativo :|| Da Capo A section | Da Capo Alternativo | Da Capo A section again! | Da Capo Alternativo again! | Transition | Next dance

This shows that MuseScore is playing the whole thing a third time through before it transitions, which isn't what should be happening here.

Because of the fact that everything is attacca in this set of dances, I have to use Dal Segno after the first dance and edit the text to say Da Capo. But it acts the same way whether it's D.S. or D.C.

Video demo of what happens:

6 German Dances K 509.mscz


This issue is caused by the template used. The template you have used to create the score has a special duplication of "system" elements which appear at the top staff but also at the Violin I staff. This is causing MS to detect a second Da Capo (in the same measure) and therefore performing the Da Capo twice.
I notice you have marked the extra elements as invisible, so assuming you actually don't want them to appear.
If so, you can fix this in the score by adding a new Violin instrument, then copy all from the Violin I into the new violin staff and then delete the Violin I instrument. This should fix the playblack.

Obvious this is an issue in the software. I can't find an open issue for this but will check later and if there isn't an issue reported already, I will log a new issue.

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