Jupiter, from The Planets by Gustav Holst (WIP)

• Jun 5, 2024 - 05:40

I have been working on a transcription for Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity. It is based off of this pdf: https://vmirror.imslp.org/files/imglnks/usimg/5/5f/IMSLP15436-Jupiter.p…
Hoping for some feedback! I made it with Muse Sounds enabled, so it should sound a lot better!

UPDATE: 6/6/2024: Finished Measures 57 through 64 (Added the flute, clarinet, piccolo, and instruments at hit)


Hey, just wondering. I noticed that both the name and description of this forum is called Made in Musescore, Show off what you've done or something like that. However, most of what I see often is off topic for such a named website. Such questions as "How to make so-and-so" or "How do I do this?". Why is that, and are they supposed to be in a different forum?

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Because you have more sense than those people. :-D

Yes, that's what they are intended to be, but some people simply ignore such distinctions and post willy-nilly. Others may not have much/any English and get it wrong for that reason.

People who post in the wrong forums are automatically "punished" for it. Since the forums other than "General Discussion" and "Support and Bug Reports" are visited less frequently by the regulars, their posts tend to have longer response times.

Nice work! I was surprised by the delicate sound of the opening strings and the bass brass and strings at measure 16 and further along sounded really full. It's obviously not a physical orchestra, but sounds very nice so far.

I was quite surprised by the very long pause before the second section ... I kept expecting it to go on but that's simply as far as you've gotten LOL

Oh, and I like birds too. Birder from very young (~3-4) and I'm 62 now.

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