Add an option to end crescendo hairpins with a flare

• May 30, 2024 - 17:33

Hello MuseScore team,
I am writing a vocal arrangement for my choir, and I want the singers to give a little extra "kick" at the end of a specific crescendo.

I want to end the Hairpin symbol with a little flare, to indicate that sudden burst of volume at the end.
This same feature was requested for Finale, by MowingDevil, here:…

A visual representation (from MowingDevil's post):
Curved lines at the end of a flared crescendo hairpin.

I would like it to be shown like the Opus Special font, with the curved lines (like in the image) - and NOT like the Dorico font, where the lines are straight.

Thank you very much!

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AFAIK MuseScore always follows the SMuFL standard for musical glyphs.
SMuFL = Standard Music Font Layout.

I looked on the SMuFL Dynamics page and found only straight hairpins:

You could explore more pages on the SMuFL website, in case I missed something:

If you can't find what you need among the existing SMuFL glyphs, then you need to persuade the SMuFL team to introduce flared hairpins. See their Contribute web page:

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Thank you for your quick response!

I looked there now, but couldn't find what I want. I will try to contact the SMuFL team and request it from them. Thanks for the suggestion! :)

I thought about some possible workarounds: I can try to put the brassDoitMedium and brassFallLipMedium at the end of the hairpin lines, and position them so that they would all look like that flared hairpin.
Is there any way to 'group' symbols so that when I move one of them they will all move together?

The other idea I thought of is to use a custom symbol. Is there any way to add a custom symbol to MuseScore and to use it in my score?

Thanks again!

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