How to do string brushes?

• May 30, 2024 - 05:21

Hello, I'm wondering how to notate or add brushes for string instruments. Every time I try and look this up, I only get snare drum brushes instead of string ones. Also, if they're not in musescore, what's the best way to imitate the noise of one? I would really like some help, thanks!


Never heard of this. Can you provide an example? Maybe a YouTube video that shows someone doing this, or a recording where the sound is prominent?

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In my copy of MuS (4.2.1 still), the "Louré (tenuto-staccato) above" is one of the built-in articulation marks. It has the tenuto line above the staccato dot ... when it is placed above the note. If it goes below the note it flips (which I complained about in another thread :-(

I must say that I don't really hear much of a difference between the video's presentation of "staccato" and "brush stroke". I would call it staccato with approximately a one-step volume increase *shrug*

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