Signing in deleted all my progress

• May 29, 2024 - 23:49

I spent a heck of a long time working on one specific piece. When it came time to save it, it told me to sign in on MuseScore for the browser. By doing so, it kicked me out of the score to the home menu of Studio, where it then hadn't saved my score to the scores available. Thus, I have lost ALL OF THE PROGRESS I MADE.

On a side note, the MIDI that I had saved of the score imported...funny. No articulation, an EXTREMELY long measure, and many other details missing means that I am PISSED at MuseScore right now.

UPDATE: Working on this strange corrupted version a bit, I come across a few...artifacts.
1.) For some reason SOME (not all) dynamics still apply to the music, even if their visuals don't show up.
2.) Some high notes near the middle of a measure are MUCH quieter than the rest.


Having trouble following.
You were working on a score. In the notation software? In
Then you tried to save it. Where? How? BTW I never save to the cloud. Too dangerous.
Home menu of Studio? I don't think there is one. Unless you mean this forum.

There may be a back up of your score in the hidden backup folder . Lookup how to view hidden folders for your OS.

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Ok, sorry, I was kinda out of my mind at the moment. Let me clarify:
1.) I was using MuseScore Studio 4.3.1. Not
2.) Tried to save it to cloud (my mistake) through "File" and it just told me to sign in. So I did. That somehow shut the score and deleted my progress.
3.) I meant the "Home" tab in MuseScore Studio.

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There are several things about the save to cloud that seem odd to me. Part of why I don't use it.

So I tried what you did.
Opened a score in 4.3.1.
File>save to cloud
Window opened prompting me to 1 save to computer, 2 save to musescore .com, 3 cancel.

Kind of odd because by being on the forum, I was already logged into .com

Logged in and was taken to .com download where I still had the option to save to computer.
But I hit save to .com and was taken back to my score. I suppose I was supposed to hit save to .com which is just below the save to cloud button.
Any way my score was intact.

Again, there might be a back up of your score.

It's normal that logging in would send you to the Home tab, but not to worry, unless you actually close the window, you can return to the Score tab and find your score exactly as you left it. You can freely move between all three tabs without losing any progress. Again, only closing the window loses your unsaved work - and even then, MuseScore Studio warns you that you have unsaved work.

MIDi uses "velocity" on each note to control volume; it has no concept of dynamics. So to get your imported file to obey a dynamic marking, you'll need to reset all the velocity settings on the notes. Do that by selecting all with Ctrl+A, then in the Playback section for the Notes, click the reset button for the velocity.

If you have further difficulty, just start a new thread and attach the MIDi file and/or score and describe the problem in more detail, and someone should be able to help.

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