Can't get correct playback from Voltas

• May 29, 2024 - 19:24

Hello, I have this following structure of Voltas but I can't get it to playback correctly in my score. I made a small sample version and it worked as intended yet I couldn't get it to work on my main score.

Each has their "Repeat List" matching the text labels as seen. When playing back, it only repeats once and on the second time completely ignores the 2nd and 3rd time and just plows on into the coda.

What I want is for it to repeat like this: (using rehearsal marks on the score)

A, B, C, B, C, B, C, B (dc al coda), A (to coda), D (coda)

Attached is my main score, (not working)
and a small working demo of what I want

I don't get why I can't replicate this on my main score when everything is set up exactly the same in terms of Voltas and repeats and labeling

I understand this may break convention and may be bad for readability but this is for my own personal group and ultimately I don't want several pages of repeated notes.

With that being said, any help is really appreciated!

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You have the play count set to 4, but then you have 1,2,3 endings. Maybe you should only have the repeat signs and write out everything else, or you can simply write on your score "Return to section X and play to the sign". You may want to experiment with Da Doppia Coda, D.C. al Doppia Coda, D.S. al Doppia Coda, Dal Doppio Segno, D.D.S. al Coda, D.D.S al Doppia Coda, and D.D.S al Fine.

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> So why doesn't it work on the main score??
It's an unusual way of using voltas, and I'm a little surprised that it works.

The difference between the two versions are the settings of measure 49 in the main score: the play count must be 4, currently it is 2. It is 4 in your demo file (measure 8).

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Perhaps I have misunderstood what is intended. But it corresponds to your WorkingDemo and what you described here: A, B, C, B, C, B, C, B (dc al coda), A (to coda), D (coda)

When I set the play count of m.49 to 4, it plays section A, then sections B and C three times except Volta 4 (m. 33). Then section B to m. 33 except m. 32 (Volta 1,2,3), then D.C. al Coda to m. 11 and then jumps to D to the Coda.

At least this is how it works in MuS 3.7. See the appendix, I only changed the play count value.
See the appendix, I only changed the play count value.

As I said: the use of the voltas in measures 32 and 33 is unusual to say the least. So it could easily be that MuS 4 behaves differently.

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Respectfully, I am aware of this and already covered it in my post. I was very clear about handling this and how it's a non-issue. This isn't a professional score that I will release to public. Its for my own personal use where to us it's plenty clear for what we need to do

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Just flagging it up as a potential cause of problems and another variable to consider. Programmers adhere to convention and voltas in a non-standard place may well be, by chance, a non-issue in one version of the program or in a particular score but have unpredictable results in a later version of the program or in another score.

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But it isn't the same setup. The Notworking file has repeats set to 2 and the Working file has repeats set to 4. You said that you had changed this and it still doesn't work - post that new score, please, so we can see if the changes have taken effect or if there is a bug.

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