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• May 29, 2024 - 17:21

Can museScore open a pdf file and play it?


In MuseScore, use the menu option File > Import PDF...

This will take you to a web page where you can upload your PDF to an online version of the Audiveris software. Audiveris is a free application to run optical music recognition (OMR). Its output (on that web page) is a file in .mscz format, which you can download and open in MuseScore.

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You asked, "is Audiveris compatible with Musescore 4.3?"

Definitely! Audiveris's output (from that webpage!) is a .mscx file which MuseScore v.4 can read: it's MuS's native format.

Your description of the problem is a little confusing. You will not "import ..." your PDFs "... using 3.2". And if you had somehow converted the PDF file to an earlier version, you would definitely be able to "open them in 4.3". Version 4.3 can read the previous versions' output.

As DanielR described, open MuseScore (whichever version you have installed) and click on File / Import PDF. Upload your PDF file to that webpage. If it can read the PDF at all, you will be able to download a MSCX file from the webpage in a few minutes. That MSCX file can be opened in MuseScore.

If it cannot convert the PDF file, you will get a message to that effect on that webpage. If this is the case, post your PDF file here and we can look at it and see if we can identify the problem.

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> Audiveris's output (from that webpage!) is a .mscx file
It is even an mscz file. If you use 'Import PDF', a web page opens (to upload your PDF) and says:
This is a free experimental service, that attempts to help you out to convert your your PDF Sheet music to a MSCZ file.

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