Meet the GSoC 2024 Contributors

• May 28, 2024 - 16:29

Hi everyone!

MuseScore is taking part in Google Summer of Code (GSoC) again this year, and we have two really exciting projects to share with you!

Dynamics popup

This project will provide a quick way to enter dynamics and hairpins simply by clicking on an existing dynamic.

Contributor: Aniket (@re1san)


Accessibility profiles

This project will made it easy to customize notation size, shapes, and colours to suit a wide range of visual and educational requirements.

Contributor: Animesh (@nasehim)


Use the links above to learn more about these projects and the talented students who are behind them!

You can follow the students' blogs for weekly updates as they work on these projects throughout the summer.


In reply to by hamsandwichnow

OK so how about being able to adjust the loudness or softness of any dynamic? And how about having open-ended hairpins that keep increasing or decreasing in volume until the value of the note runs out? And if possible, a way to insert molto or poco inside the dynamic to mediate that there?

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