Bugs when bars are added early in score

• May 28, 2024 - 11:13

When bars are added to a score, the hairpins that had been in place later in the score get shifted, usually (I think) to the right, and slurs that were in the later part of the score disappear entirely. Everything else (dynamics, lyrics, etc) seems to stay where it should be, although there may be other bugs I haven't noticed.

I'm using MuseScore Studio 4.3.0 on Mac Sonoma 14.5.


"and slurs that were in the later part of the score disappear entirely."
Can you attach please a score demonstrating this.

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Sorry, it took me a moment to figure out how to do this. Thankfully, I saved an earlier version of the score.

Sample 1 is the first version of the score. Note the placement of hairpins and slurs in mm. 104-107 (p. 14).

Sample 2 is the second version, where I added some bars toward the beginning of the score, made some changes, and deleted some of the new bars. I started correcting the formatting errors but only got part way. 104-107 in the previous version is now mm. 99-102 (still on p. 14). Note how some of what's there is unaffected (such as dynamics), but the hairpins have shifted, and the slurs are gone.

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Sample 2: well, where were the slurs supposed to be (which measures/bars)?
Can you reproduce the behavior?
In other words, put the slurs back where they were (join the score again, but at this stage), then describe step by step what needs to be done (insert or add measures? Where, how many?) to make the slurs disappear again.

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Sample 1 shows how it's supposed to look, and how it looked before I added the bars. What I had done between the two versions is that I selected Bar 2 and inserted several measures (I forget exactly how many) before the selection. I made some changes, realized that I wanted to work with the measures as they had previously existed, so deleted all or most of the measures.

Does this answer your question?

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Yes, thank you. But I can't reproduce it.

I open Sample 1, insert 10 bars before bar 2, write a few notes, then delete these 10 bars: the slurs (e.g. page 15 and 16) are still there.
I also notice a lot of differences in the time signatures, if only in the first page. Sample 1, you have 4/4, then 3/8, again 4/4, and 2/4, then 3/4, and again 4/4
In Sample 2: 10/8, then 4/4, 5/4, 3/4 and again 4/4
And I haven't checked the rest.

At this stage, it's really just a hypothesis (which I can't verify at the moment), but it's possible that the slurs and dynamics placement didn't survive all those changes of time signatures on the first page or/and in other places, what's more, in a context of insertion and removal of several bars ?

If you have an idea of how to reproduce from your score (sample 1) or from scratch, please share it.

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Yes, I was changing the meter between the two versions, and deleting/merging some measures. I'm sorry that I can't provide a precise list of what edits I made. It seems possible that I misdiagnosed what was causing the issue, but we still have a problem: Hairpins and slurs get shifted or disappear when time signature edits are made earlier in a score, even when the measures themselves remain intact. Clearly not what should be happening, am I right?

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