Editing Fret Diagram

• May 28, 2024 - 09:47

In Musescore 3 it was easy to edit Fretboard Diagrams. Now I can't work it out. The instructions in the on-line manual are not correct. It says if you click on a diagram you get a properties menu on the side .. you don't. Furthermore I play the ukulele and don't want the default guitar diagrams but I cabn't remove them.


UkuleleJC, you're right, editing fretboard diagrams in MuseScore 4 can be a bit different from MuseScore 3.
ing Fretboard Diagrams in MuseScore 4 Select the Fretboard Diagram: Click on the fretboard diagram you want to edit in your score. Open the Inspector Panel There are two ways to do this Press F8 on your keyboard (this is the most common shortcut). Go to View menu > Inspector (or Format menu > Style > Inspector in some MuseScore versions).

The Inspector panel will now display the properties for the selected element, including the fretboard diagram. Here's what you can edit Strings Use the "Strings" spin box at the bottom left to adjust the number of strings displayed (ideal for ukuleles with 4 strings). Frets Use the "Frets" spin box at the bottom right to adjust the number of frets displayed. Finger Dots Click directly on the fretboard image to add finger dots where you want them on the strings. Click again to remove a dot. Barre/Partial Barre Hold Shift while clicking on a fret to create a barre. Click on the top of the barre to remove it.

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Automatic insertion of text or maybe links can happen if you write your response offline in a "company" application and then just copy and paste everything to this forum. We had this in my company, Airbus, as well.

This doesn't mean I trust all links I see.

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