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• May 28, 2024 - 08:40

So I have been working on this score for months, and I exported it to pdf a week and a half ago. Sometime between then and now my Laptop did crash. I came back on and noticed that and a few others have gone. Not saved to cloud. Saved to my laptop. I have done all the tricks, looked in the %appdata%, looked in the musecore file, SCOWERED my laptop for any sign of it. All thats showing up is my pdfs of the score that I exported.
Pls Help
Got some edits


What type of crash did you have? Can you access other documents, pictures, videos or music files?
Under Windows, these files are located in these folders by default - if you didn't change the places:


The ones with a dot at the beginning are hidden folders (and files). Ask a search engine how to make them visible for your operating system.
If only the PDFs are actually available (I can't believe it), you can try using the PDF import function. Or install the free Audiveris program or buy another program.
But you should also be able to find the Musescore mscz files if you have saved them at some point.

And, my advice, make frequent backups, at least of the important files that have caused a lot of work. Even if it's only on a USB stick.
Do you know the saying of the system administrators? No backup, no pity!

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Ok, it's a very large score and it was saved in a reduced resolution. The OMR programs therefore have a lot of problems. As I said, almost all triplets are not recognized, and there are a lot of them. And many other things.
Nevertheless, there is an output from Audiveris where unfortunately many measures have to be corrected.
I attach the original result as xml and my attempt to correct the first page, except for the drum staff. The drum staff was too bad and needs to be rewritten.
Well, I only corrected one page, unfortunately there are ten or eleven.
I did it with MuS 3.7 and there the plugin 'Duration Editor' was very helpful, especially to correct the triplets.

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Here's a version which was recovered using SharpEye (not Audiveris). SharpEye had similar difficulties with the triplets... and found the drumset impossible to read... and simply didn't "see" the final measure on page 10. But I think that the rest of it is accurate.

The MusicXML was corrected and saved in Mu 3.6.2 format, because that's what I work with.

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It would be interesting to see what the uncorrected output of SharpEye has delivered.
In any case, I assume you made corrections to support rosslavenderc, right?
My Audiveris xml was completely unedited. However, Audiveris complained about the poor resolution. I had only corrected the 3.7 mscz version on the first page.

Musescore may corrupt its files when saving, but it does not delete files.
This all looks like some kind of glitch in the system that Musescore has nothing to do with.

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