I can't rename uploaded scores?

• May 28, 2024 - 05:12

This isn't about the mcsz files. This is about when I upload the scores to my account.

Whenever I try to rename them, it almost never saves with the name change. It has always been like this, with the only two exceptions being me specifying the keys of my two different organ arrangements of Rossini's O Salutaris Hostia. Literally every other time I try, it doesn't work.


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You can try posting on musescore.com - and specifically on the group "Improving MuseScore.com":

... and of course follow the advice already given in the FAQ link posted above.
Email: support@musescore.com

The problem with that support desk on musescore.com is that they often refer the poor confused user back to these forums here on musescore.org - where nobody can help you! You simply have to push back, because your inability to rename an online score is a problem that can only be resolved by the staff of musescore.com

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