Clef change after grace note

• May 27, 2024 - 23:53

MuseScore 4.3. I'm attempting to set a grace chord in the bass clef and the parent chord in the treble clef (they're an octave and a half apart). The chord is the first chord in the measure. It does not appear to be possible to do this. Trying to change the clef of just the parent chord changes the entire measure.


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It's rather rare, but I'm entering from an original score printed that way so I can transpose it. I didn't try the octave down thing. The people who scribe printed scores sometimes do really strange things that other tools just won't do. Anyway, so imagine this, all on one staff, starting at the beginning of a measure: bass clef; grace chord; treble clef; parent chord; bass clef; other chords.

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