• May 27, 2024 - 18:02

When can we have the camera service back?

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Plenty of other screenshot applications (including the ones built in to Windows and to Mac) that give as good or better results. But the last I heard, it is not scheduled even to be put back in for version 4.4. (Hopefully I heard wrong?)

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How about ... as good or better quality images.

It's not difficult to copy a high-quality image into an image processing software that can save in SVG to recreate the results, but you are correct, none of the screenshot apps I've seen can save directly to SVG. I assume some can, but I don't actually know of any. I've not had occasion to use SVG for anything in many years, so *shrug*

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The internal camera image has better quality than the system screenshot. I posted some comparison images.
I also need transparent background, with the system screenshot this isn't possible.
If you ask for this feature, developers answer that you can use the System tools instead, so, I doubt that it will return soon.
My solution to have image capture, count-in, general tuning and old plugins is to use MS 3.7 Evolution.

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