Musehub - where is it on my computer?

• May 27, 2024 - 15:57

OS: Windows 10 Version 2009 or later, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore Studio version (64-bit): 4.3.0-241231433, revision: 5f36e74

Hi all
I'd like to see if Musehub has a different drumkit from the MS Basic (kit).
I am assumimg that it is possible to look at Musehub. I can't find it on my computer. Does it have a 'default' location? I've tried downloading Musehub again but I get the following error message:
"Unable to uninstall Musesampler. Musehub was unable to find the required configuration to uninstall this application. Please try again".

Any help gratefully received.


Muse sounds has percussion instruments, but no drum kit.
My suggestions about the HUB:

On the right side of your task bar, select the up arrow that reveals hidden programs. If you see a big "H" there, that means the HUB is running. Open the HUB. You can't tell what instruments are there. I would suggest turning every thing off, then scroll down to the bottom and select "Quit". You don't need it except to check for up dates, every few weeks or so.

The HUB is located on you C: drive in the ProgramData folder. The exe shortcut should be in your list of software.

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I've since found lots of different drum kits in MS4. Not exactly where I (and possibly yourself) thought they'd be but non the less, they are there.
With the mixer open and in the drum channel click the Drum drop down > Sound Fonts > MS Basic > Drum sets and voila!

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