Help With Title and Staff Names

• May 27, 2024 - 15:08

I am wanting to send parts to the band director for printing but when I export as a pdf the title and staff names are incorrect. On the When I go to "add", "text" and "title" nothing happens. There is no title at the top of the score I am looking at. How do I add the title to the score? Also the name of each staff on the score is what I want. When I export each individual part as a pdf is seems to resort to what the staff was originally, before I changed it. For example, my Perc 2 part is exported as "temple blocks". How can I change this? Also, how to I print the score in landscape mode, rather than portrait? Thanks!


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muse.png Yes. That fixed the title issue, but not the staff names. On the score it says "Perc 1", but when I print the individual parts, it says "temple blocks". Also, how do I print the score in landscape mode? The names in the red box are what I need for each staff when I print individual parts.

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I think I have names on the individual parts figured out. I have two score problems to solve before I can print.

How do I print the score in landscape mode?

Also, on the score the instrument names are correct on the first page, but when I changed what instrument that person was playing - it changed the name of the staff. For example, Marimba 1 plays marimba at the beginning, then sus cym. On the first page of the score this staff is named "Marimba 1". When the "Marimba 1" part switches temporarily to sus cym, this staff on this page of the score is then renamed "sus cym". I want this staff to be named "Marimba 1" on all pages of the score.

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