• May 27, 2024 - 06:39

A score I have been working on has been saved to my mac with a .mscz_saving file name and won't open. I see this in Mac Finder. MuseScore Studio can't see the file at all. Is there any way to recover/restore this file?

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I don't know Mac at all, but why do you call the file My Little Brown Book.mscz_saving.

On a Windows computer, it would be called My Little Brown Book.mscz only. If I haf a file like this, I would just remove the _saving and try to open it again. Maybe make copy first.

Also, I'm maybe a little old fashioned, but I never use (white) spaces in a file name and would call it MyLittleBrownBook or maybe My_Little_Brown_Book.

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When MS saves a file,the file is first saved as xxx.mscz_saving, and after this file is written to disk, it is renamed to xxx.mscz.
Your file was not renamed (because of some problem, suck as disk full, crash software, and so on...)
You could try to copy it to a new file xxx.mscz and try to open it. It could be that the file is corrupt.

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