Tempo text font

• May 27, 2024 - 05:35

Working with MuseScore Studio 4.3. In practically all of the music with which I am familiar, tempo text such as rit., a tempo, and perhaps others is written in light italic, not in bold roman. I do not find a way to edit the font of such text and would like to be able to do so. Lacking that I have sometimes resorted to hiding the tempo text and adding expression text to get that appearance, but it is tedious.


MS follows Gould rules. Tempo text is written above staff in bold.
If you want to change the default behavior, you can change the style.
Format => Style.
-Tempo text
-Text styles => tempo.

I agree that there are publishers that do use, for instance, bold/non-italic text for the movement start tempo indication, but then (usually non-bold) italic text for at least some following tempo indications such as ritardandos and the like. But it's only the Gradual Tempo Change elements (rit. - - - - etc.) that you currently can't modify the text formatting properties for on a per-element basis - you can only edit the "Gradual Tempo Change" style for the whole score. You can also use "System text lines" (there's one on the Palette that shows as "System ---┐"), which won't affect playback, but you can choose a different font for all of those (actually it will affect all text line elements). For any tempo indications that don't need a line, you can edit each element independently (and create your own palette entries etc.) - certainly for "a tempo" that's not an issue (just select the element then use the properties pane).
Possibly worth a feature request to allowing overriding text formatting properties for "gradual tempo changes" and "text lines" on a per-element basis?

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