Tempo change

• May 26, 2024 - 21:54

Help, please. I want to change the tempo of the entire score. I selected all from the Edit menu, then I opened the Tempo palette. I selected a tempo element (Adagio), I typed in a metronome number. (50)
But the tempo does not change from the original 80. What am I doing wrong?


Always best to attach a score file to a post of this nature.

Do you have tempo markings in your score already? At the beginning? In the middle? Where?

When you clicked on Adagio, it should have placed the word "Adagio" at the first measure you had selected. Since you said that you had selected "All", presumably that would have been at the first measure. Did it place that text in the score?

You said that you then typed a metronome number. Where? There are places to do so, but you must take additional actions to reach them. I'm asking which of the various places you went to type that number.

Then you said that the tempo did not change from the original 80. Again, where? The tempo appears in three places (at least three, I may have forgotten one or more).

Please attach your score to this thread and describe what you did in great detail. It's possible to provide too much information, but it takes a LOT of work. It's very easy to provide too little. :-)

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