Will Musescore provide the functionality to output as subtitle files, like ".srt"?

• May 26, 2024 - 20:01

I made a sheet, to be a semi-automatic subtitle converter:

All I need to do is fill in the relevant information in the "yellow area", then copy the corresponding "Result" cell in the "blue area" next to the last sentence of the lyrics.

For example, see diagram below:
1.Choose like the 2nd section, then the "Time is 0:00:02:7"
2.Fill "0 0 2 7" to each "yellow area(in row, even, you can ignore the Zero).
3.In the last, copy the "blue area" next to the last sentence of the lyrics.
4.Copy to somewhere, like a ".txt" file.
5.Delete the " mark, in the first line and the last line.
6.Change the file extension to ".srt"
7.Done, import it to where you need it~

(I think, it is stupid...but, it work~)

btw, the formula for each cell, is:

M3=TEXT(TIME(B3,C3,D3),"hh:mm:ss")&","&INT(E31000/10)&" --> "&TEXT(TIME(G3,H3,I3),"hh:mm:ss")&","&INT(J31000/10)

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