Muse Choir "Women" sound completely corrupts/becomes unusable when trying to switch back from a VST in MuseScore Studio 4.

• May 26, 2024 - 19:36

I am currently working on a score which requires 3 choir-related instruments, and I was planning on using the "Women" soundfont from the Muse Choir library as a soloist. The range wasn't really to my liking, so I decided to switch to a 3rd party VST from Spitfire Audio. It had the same issue, so I decided to cut my losses and switch back to the native sounds MuseScore Studio 4 offers. However, when I tried to use the "Women" soundfont again, it offered no playback at all past a G4. Nothing I tried worked, among setting the fader for that instrument line to the maximum setting, restarting MuseScore Studio 4, tinkering with the master fader. I even tried just making a new instrument line with the "Women" soundfont, but even that wouldn't work. This issue isn't limited to this project in specific, either. It affects the actual soundfont. Any pitch above a G4 refuses to be recognized now, when it normally extended as high as a B5.

I'm sure this issue doesn't affect most, but I feel this is worth documenting.

Provided below is a copy of the score in which this bug occurred. Do mind the line below "Voice 1", this was a part of my attempt to remedy the problem.

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