Is there a notation for "accompaniment pauses/resumes"?

• May 26, 2024 - 15:27

I have a lead sheet where there are stops in the rhythm section but the melody and time continue (loco). The pause could be until the end of the bar or perhaps several bars so it would be need something like pause/resume symbols applied only to instruments not playing/singing the melody.

Or would a caesura be used for this, applied over each beat in the chart where accompaniment doesn't play?

I've used the literal "band stop" / "band resume" for this but it looks awkward and is almost certainly not standard notation.


For a jazz lead sheet the term is "break". And if the there is a double barline where the rhytm section should start playing again, you mostly don't need to write anything since this would be the assumption of the players. Otherwise, use the word "play" to indicate where to start play again.

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