How to make bowings appear above fingerings automatically

• May 26, 2024 - 06:42

We are trying to find a way for bowings added to the score to appear above the fingerings, instead of vice versa. Yes, we can manually move them but that becomes quite tedious with a large number of notes. Is there any way to control where these markings get placed?


An idea (I don't know if you'll like it ?) , but at least it doesn't require any further editing.
Instead of choosing the first set of digits in the "Fingering" palette, use the second set of digits. In this case, the fingerings are placed to the left of the notehead (by default). And so you avoid those problems of articulations and fingerings living together.

I fiddled with it (unintentional pun, but I refuse to apologize for them :-) for a while, but as far as I can see, there's no way to do it automatically. I can't find anything that sets the relative position of the two markings: only one place that adjusts the position of articulations and none that adjusts the position of fingerings.

Since both fingering and bow direction can be inferred without indicating on every note, I would simply not place bow direction and fingering on the same note ... to the extent possible. That will result in far fewer adjustments you will have to make. I would then make all the adjustments at one time, in "one swell foop" :-) (In case you don't know how, click one item to select, then Ctrl+click to toggle additional items in or out of the selection.)

Good luck!!!

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