When I update my score, it plays an older version of the song

• May 26, 2024 - 00:36

So i have updated my score 3 times, The first time I had four trumpets playing, 1 viola and a percussion set. The second time I had one trumpet, 1 viola and a percussion set. The third time, still had one trumpet, Two acoustic guitars (One hidden until notes, One not hidden) and percussion. When I put the third updated score in, it played the first version of the song. I had originally thought it was my browser (Opera) so I tried Google, but it still played the first version of the song.


Please let me know if this also happens to you


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BTW, good point, in my instance, the first time I tried, I did change the name. The second time I tried, I didn't. Same result:
Your score could not be published. Please try again later or get help for this problem on musescore.com. Clicking help loaded the forum page.

I have had the same problem. Initially, I tried updating the score via the Musescore.com website, but the soundfonts were the old MS3 ones. Then, I tried via Musescore Studio (the INSTALLED desktop app running on Linux Mint 21.3)... it gave me the option to overwrite the existing published version, or create a new one. I selected overwrite. I had that page still open, so I closed it and tried again via the desktop app. It told me - like the last time - it had to generate a new MP3. This time, I went via the 'Publish' tab instead of the menu. The Mixer was closed this time. Got the same error, as attached.

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