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• May 25, 2024 - 12:33

Hi every one,
Please, could you help me with a method how to entry "the target" score which is give me some hard time. Attached is "the target" score and "my score so far" entried. I more or less undestand the concept of "voices" and counting the notes that should be in a 4/4 score, but this one been mission imposible for me.
Thank you very much for any help.

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The upper staff should not be a problem: Note entry (default), press '6' for half note duration, '0' for a rest, '5' and dot for a dotted quarter note and then '4' for the eighth note.

For the lower staff, first press '6' and set the 'E' (if bass clef) as a half note.
Then '4' (eighth note) and '0' for the rest.
Then write the last three eighth notes.
Now switch to voice 2. The cursor jumps to the beginning of the measure.
Write a quarter rest ('5' and '0').
Write the two eighth notes (bass clef Bb and B).
There are now several rests left in voice 2 (green), see my left-hand measure. They can be deleted, see the final right-hand measure.

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Thank you very much. In thousand year I did not figure out myself, very important I guess to open the way to write voice 2 is: "Now switch to voice 2. The cursor jumps to the beginning of the measure.
Write a quarter rest ('5' and '0')." without creating the silence I was traped without progress not matter I tried different things. Thank you a lot HildeK.

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That said, you have excuses for being trapped. I don't know what the source of your file is, but the content of the "target" image is of poor quality, not to be recommended. At the very least, the first rest (quarter rest) of voice 2 should have been displayed. And it should remain so on your score.
Otherwise, you'll have to decipher the underlying polyphony, which isn't necessarily easy for someone who isn't used to it.

Silly question but a) why post this in feature requests? and b) why would you want to achieve that target? There's very few reasons for having two voices where notes in the upper voice have stems down like that, and I can't even tell where in the measure they're supposed to be played (I'm sort of guessing on the 2nd beat, but there's nothing indicating that all). I'd also think the B flat would make more sense as an A sharp.

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You're right, I had the same suspicions as you (about the voices /direction of the stems, the absence of "strategic" rests), and that's why I asked what the source of this file was. Maybe the result of a MIDI import or something? Without further information, the minimum was to recommend displaying the first quarter rest.

About the post in the Feature Requests section, that's another matter, and a user misdirection. This kind of error is common, very common....

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Again thank you very much for all your help HildeK.
For the other forum-posters (questions and critics), I can tell you that I am a beguiner pianist
and I was looking for a musical piece for Sunflower of Henry Mancini(midi file), the closest that I found it was a pdf and some images with the notes, then I began using Mosescore entrying the notes from images.
Once I done re-writing all notes from the pdf, I am intending to select from the staff and simply notes according to my piano-level. Also I was using Scaler 2(plugin) - identifying the notes from the audio of "Sunflower" and it give me all the accords, but my re-writing from the images was more targeting the solo-melody of Girasoli-Sunflower and the chords from "Scaler 2" for accompaniment.
But thanks this exercise a have the opportunity to learn about voices.
I'm leaving a link that inspire me

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