putting a PDF into musescore to edit it

• May 25, 2024 - 04:21

I have music that i would like to put into musescore to edit it, but im struggling to figure out how to import it into the app


You can't.

Instead, the PDF file must be converted into a.MSCX file. You can do this with File / Import PDF. This loads a webpage (https://musescore.com/import) where you select the .PDF file you want to convert and it will try its best to do so. It's not an easy task, so don't be surprised if it cannot, or if it reads the .PDF poorly.

Some people here have suggested that you'll get better results if you install a .PDF music reader: similar to OCR (Optical Character Recognition, that reads text in images) these applications perform ... is it called "OMR"? Optical Music Recognition? Anyway, they suggest that you'll get better results if you install the software locally on your computer.

The application that webpage users natively is "audiveris", a free application. And I've seen other people touting this or that other application running locally on their computers. I'm sure that some of them will pipe up with their recommendations.

Finally, depending on the length of the score in the .PDF file, you may find it quicker just to input the notes manually.

Good luck!!!

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