Notes Not Sounding in Playback Using Musescore 4 Sounds

• May 25, 2024 - 02:57


I've used Musescore for a while now and for a long time I have been making charts and just some notes don't wanna play in the playback feature. They'll play in different octaves, and on different instrument sounds, but not the current one. I've found myself going into the mixer often to change the sounds back to the default Musescore 3 sounds just so I can actually hear all the notes and harmonies I'm working with that just don't seem to work consistently with the new sounds that came with Musescore 4. Does anyone know anything else about this or how else to fix it other than using the older Musescore 3 sounds? Thanks!


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The trumpet is sounding. But the chord symbol playback and the Basic sounds used for the saxes are drowning it out. Pan the trumpet left. One sax center. And the other right. That will also help. And raise the volume of the trumpet in the mixer. Consider turning of chord playback. Enter the chords in the Piano part instead of doubling the other instruments.

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