Uploading a score

• May 24, 2024 - 17:18

I have Musescore 4.3.

When uploading from the Publish option in the score, it seems to take forever (not sure it ever finished uploading). It uploads well when I am in my Musescore.com account, using the Upload there (I tried Unlisted and Public).
When I copy and paste the URL of the score into a post on Outside Shore Music (the Marc Sabatella community I signed up for), the score is not visible in posts (it used to be, but with earlier version). It does give the link "view on musescore.com". I can view it there, but now I am advised that another user could not do so. I attach the file for additional reference.


Would love to see everything work the way I was used to.... Many thanks


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Melody over given chords.mscz 38.08 KB

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