Hairpins on different Voices (Playback)

• May 23, 2024 - 16:26
  1. Does Musescore's latest version support voice-specific hairpin playback?

  2. The hairpins drop with the dynamics on either end, which means they are all set for the playback. I could add double hairpins on some 2-voice measures and not on some. Is there a glitch? Or does that mean that 2-voice dynamic flanked hairpins could possibly produce the expected playback?

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  1. Unless I'm mistooken, I believe that MuS 4.3.0 does not support voice-specific dynamics (hairpin or letters). However, I believe I recall seeing a note somewhere here in the forums that it will be supported in the upcoming 4.3.1? (Someone please correct me if I'm wrong!!!)

  2. I'm not exactly following what you're asking here, but it looks like the score in the second (right) half of the screenshot has no notes--only rests--in one of the voices. Perhaps that's why whatever you were trying didn't work? (Sorry, VERY not sure here.)

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Thanks for the clarification. The second part of my question does not matter because I suppose adding dynamics to one voice is sufficient and all the voices in that staff will obey it. Right?

Also, have you noticed when the hairpin slides down as you add dynamics on either end? What does that mean? Is it to do with engraving only or the playback too?

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The hairpin is somehow "linked" to the dynamic. (So are text cresc. and dim. lines.) I believe that the entire connected thing--dynamic, hairpin, dynamic--is treated as a single object by the collision avoidance system (the software that keeps notation marks from overwriting one another). So, if any part of it would run into anything--a note, rest, or other marking--it has to move the entire thing.

Experiment with turning off Auto-place on the Properties tab. Try doing so with each element alone, then with two elements, then all three, to see how each of those possible settings will affect the placement. And new elements added to the system after the hairpin and dynamics will also affect how the collision avoidance places the combined items. So, I think the trick is to ignore it until you've got the REST of the system the way you want it. :-)

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