Reformat measures to adjust for pickup notes

• May 22, 2024 - 05:03

In the attached file I have inserted a section break at measure 94. The following sections begins with a pickup, and then there is a repeat that needs to happen in measure 9 of the new section, after right before the last half-note.

I could edit the measure properties... of measure 9 to make the actual 5, and add a new measure for the pickup into the next part and set the actual to 1, but I am curious if there is a more efficient workflow for this all too common situation.

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LockeM-Suite1.mscz 209.58 KB


You can split measure 9 before the last half-note. But the result is the same.
One of the splitted parts could then be excluded from the measure count.

Other way: duplicate measure 9, make volta 1 and 2 on them and copy the pickup notes in the place of the half notes of m. 9 (volta 1). And then you need a start repeat barline at m. 2.

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