Page settings don't work for parts PDF export

• May 21, 2024 - 12:12

Hello. I'm trying to export a single part of the score as PDF with customized page settings (set A5 landscape). I have applied the setting to all parts in page settings dialog. However, when I export the part the resulting PDF is default A4 portrait. How can I get parts exported in A5 landscape?

Surprisingly, when I export the whole score, it is correctly formatted to A5 landscape. The reason I used part export is because it has the instrument name in the top left corner, which whole score doesn't have and I don't like conductor-style instrument notation for single part scores.


You'd need to generate the parts first (center top of the MuseScore window), then format them (to A5 Landscape), rather than generating them on the fly as part of the export dialog

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