Reverb at playback, but it's turned off anywhere... (was: Plays note + same staccato note as combined note)

• May 21, 2024 - 10:05


my first steps into Musescore. The audio is using Bb clarinet Musesounds.

Musescore audio playback does not articulate as a player would, I have marked it in the sheet. It plays the marked tuples just like a dotted quarter note, is that something I have to live with?

Thank you

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OK, after a woodwind update of the Musesounds there is audible articulation between the notes. Not strong, but audible.
Unfortunately B clarinet audio even as a dry signal has plenty of reverb. I wish it wasn't in there, I'd love to add only subtle room reverb vst fx.

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Notation software can't really articulate like a real player. Some do a better job than others. Turning off reverb in the mixer should have removed the effect. You can download different effects from the HUB that are better than stock reverb.

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I know the mixer, thx :-). Aux sends visible, builtin Reverb is off, but still there's plenty of reverb in the dry signal. Just try yourself. Place some notes, b clarinet, on p or pp. So my guess is, they've put reverb on the pp source material.

EDIT: It's a bug I think. It's in all dynamics, also in mp, f, ff - BUT NOT in the note preview sound, in note entering mode. So it must be added as an effect at some point. I've attached the file.

Can anybody confirm? Note entering sound or "click on note" has no reverb at all, but playback has. And it's on every instrument.

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