Accent/tap dynamics for drumline (feature for MDLV2?)

• May 20, 2024 - 23:08

So in marching band and in drum corps there is a common dynamic marking that is unique to the style and I like to call it accent/tap notation. The dynamic marking on the left is during an accented note and the dynamic on the right is present during a tap note. Right now there is no way of doing this in musescore currently and it is a thing I want to see in the next version. It would be very useful since you wouldn't have to specify the dynamics every time you were to switch between an accent and a tap.


Are you talking about something like this ff/mp?

20240521 011649-slash dynamic.png

If so, quite possible. It does not affect playback in the way that I think you want it to, but the symbol is easy.

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