Feathered Beam Playback

• May 20, 2024 - 22:01

So I am fully aware the software doesn't have a way to have feathered beam notation play back properly yet. In the meantime, any one have an ingenious way of writing out 4 notes in a beat of varying lengths, so that when you play it back, it actually sounds like its somewhat of a feathered beam play back where there are 4 notes in a beat that accel without the tempo actually accelling? I hope what I'm asking makes sense, someone let me know if you know what I mean!



Enter notes of decreasing (or increasing) length into a tuplet to force them into the appropriate time. Something along the lines of eighth / dotted sixteenth / sixteenth / 32nd in (I think it would be) a 10:16 tuplet

You can use the Piano Roll Editor to change the start and duration of the notes.

I did this in 3.7 (if your using 4.* you have my sympathies).

Changed the default durations of 1000/1000/1000/1000 to 1600/1200/800/400 for each group of 4 semiquavers and the on times to suit.

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