Cannot upload score (created using 4.3.2) due to perpetual processing freeze

• May 20, 2024 - 17:08

As the title suggests, a score that was created using Musescore 4.3.2 cannot seem to surpass the processing stage; it freezes in a processing state. To resolve the issue, I have tried exporting the xml file, reimporting it into Musescore 4.3.0, and it too freezes during processing. The score itself functions fine in the Musescore program, both 4.3.2 and 4.3.0.

I have attached a portion of the transcription in question, although would request that others do not publicly reupload it if it somehow publishes properly within their accounts.

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original-jelly-roll-blues3.mscz 32.93 KB


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Those were typos on my part 4.3.0 & 4.2.0 are the versions I meant to note. In regards to your comment, the score opens fine within the program software; the issue is however in regards to uploading the scores to Musescore, as they freeze during processing.

After testing the ability to reupload scores that I have previously uploading without an issue, it seem that perhaps this is some sort of server issue, as those scores are frozen in the processing state also. I will instead give this some time & perhaps it will resolve itself.

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