Grace notes for drums

• May 20, 2024 - 12:32

Flams are usually written as acciaccatura, with a tie/slur between the grace note and the main note, and the grace note half a tone higher than the main note as it is displayed in the Grace Notes Panel. In Muse Score 4, adding such a grace note to a snare drum makes it sound exactly as intended, but the tie is missing and the grace note is located at the same height as the main note. Is this intentional?
I've been able to apply it in this score (last note on the first line) as intended, but never since.
I now make them 50% in the Style - Sizes menu (see here), and I find that easier on the eye than the default style.
Any hints welcome.


Actually found the answer in this instruction video (28:00 - 30:05)
Simply place the grace note, leave it selected, and click the tie icon. Unlike the video, I n my case, the tie appeared above the note, but that can be remedied by selecting it, and clicking ‘Below’ instead of the default ‘Auto’ as the ‘Position’ in the properties panel.
Since this ties the flam and it’s main note, the grace note can’t be on a higher line as the main note, but I guess that makes sense, since it could otherwise suggest the flam is played on a different drum or cymbal.

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