How to customize conductors score and not affect parts

• May 19, 2024 - 21:49

I have a pretty large score for wind band and right now I have a staff for each instrument/person. I did this so that the parts would only be their own. However, this makes the conductors score way to large, I would like to have it condensed by family, such as saxes in a grand staff. But if i did this it would affect the parts, how would I go about making both of these true.


You can insert additional staves in which you can condense the instruments to one stave using 'Implode', for example.
You do not have to print these when creating the parts and for the conductor's score you can hide the individual staves or create a special conductor part with the condensed staves only.

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I had a similar problem and manually created "imploded" staves for the score, e.g, Oboe 1+2, Clarinet 1+2, etc. I've not used Implode so far as I'm not sure I will have the same control over the layout. As an example, if the two Oboes play the same music, you have to put "a2" or "a due" above the music. Likewise if only one of the Oboes plays, you have to indicate which one, e.g. Oboe 2. In Lilypond which I used a lot the last years, this is automatic. Also, if you implode two staves ones, will any change in one of the stave or both in the future be automatically synchronized in the imploded stave or do you have to do it again and what happens then with manually inserted edits? At some time I will have a closer look at this.

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Maybe, in my latest piece I had 38 staves in the score but only showed 29 because I combined (imploded) quite some instruments. I had around 300 measures, it was slow but manageable. On the other hand, i'm not using any sophisticated muse sounds and rarely use playback.

The problem I see with the approach I selected is to keep everything consistent as it's not really single source anymore. If you change something for one instrument, you have to remember to change it in another stave (the combined or the single instrument) as well. In Lilypond you don't have this problem as, at least in my workflow, the instrument is the single source and this matter master and is thus the only source for the score, as single stave or a combined (imploded) stave.

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Yeah, I think it would be great if it would be linked. I believe in Dorico it works like that but only for cues. Maybe muse score will get that in a little bit. But you're right getting around physically wasn't terrible with the condensed, but playback was out of the window at least for me. I guess for now that will just have to be a last step if I want playback, while composing.

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