Playback silent on voltas and will not repeat

• May 19, 2024 - 13:14

I have read all the posts here as well as the handbook trying to find why playback stops when it reaches the first volta. I have applied all the remedies as posted previously but it still will not work! I have attached a copy of the music for you to see. Please may some kind person help me fix what is not working so that playback is correct?

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2 The Tired Little Donkey.mscz 42.83 KB


You have used the wrong settings in the volta properties and in the properties of measure 18:

  • Measure 18 must have the value "Play count: 3". The repeating sequence should be played three times. Right click on measure 18 to correct it.
  • 'Volta 1,2' must have 1,2 in the repeat list. 'Volta 1,2' must be played in the first and second loop. Select this volta and go to the properties.
  • Volta 3 must have the value 3 in the repeat list - this was the only correct value as it should be executed in the third loop.

EDIT: the Text field of the volta is only for the visibility on the sheet and has no effect on the playback.

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