Looking for Music Composers/Transcribers

• May 19, 2024 - 05:46

I'm looking for anyone who are Music Composers or MIDI Transcribers/Cover Composers.

If you want to know what project I have in mind, please contact me on Discord:



Well, I'm not a bad composer or transcriber. (I won't claim to be "good" :-) However, I do not use Discord. Any other way to reach you?

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I collaborate occasionally with any of over 100 different individuals and bands worldwide. None of them have ever suggested Discord as a way to collaborate. Perhaps you use it, but it's certainly not the only way to do so. If you don't want help, limit yourself as you have. Sorry.

you know what's weird - out of 20 articles i just read through, on what technology music composers/recording/publishing use to collaborate, not a single one mentioned discord. i mean i know my son and daughter use it as part of the gaming world activities, and it's seems like it could be used, but most magazines recommend a whole host of other tools to compose, record, etc in collaborate ways.

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