Select All Text in Stave Text Box when Clicked

• May 19, 2024 - 00:14

That's it in a nutshell.


Guessing here: you have a staff text field displaying multiple words. You wish to select all those words.

If that's what you want, double-click the text field. That will give you a cursor somewhere in the text. Then press Ctrl+A. This is the shortcut for Select All (in many applications and situations) and this will select all the text in that one text field.

In case you simply want to delete the staff text box, single-click it and press the Delete key. (I doubt this is what you need, but in case ...)

Word of advice for the future: Explain your question in great detail. It's VERY, VERY hard to give us too much detail. It's very easy to give us too little and this question has definitely reached that end of the scale.

• Double-click to open the Text object
• Then triple-click to select all text in the Text object — or as mentioned, Control/Command+a

Works on MacOS. I don't know if this solution works on every OS.

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