Help transposing.

• May 19, 2024 - 00:04

I don't know how to use the transpose tool to transpose my music from violin to viola. Please help.


There isn't really any "transposing" to be done. Select the treble clef at the beginning of the violin music and select the alto clef symbol from the clef palette. If the violin part goes too high, you might have to do some adjusting. Down an octave or rewriting.

No need to transpose. Just add Viola as an instrument and copy the violin music to the viola. Then, if you want "Viola" clef, select that from the Clefs palette and Musescore will do the rest.

bobjp's advice will work if you want the piece played in the original key. If you want it to be played exactly as it would be on the violin (that is, playing the B that is 2nd string, 2nd position on the violin moved to the F#, that is 2nd string, 2nd position on the viola) that would mean transposing down by a perfect fifth:

Tools / Transpose. Set Transpose chromatically / By interval / Down / Perfect fifth.

See the Handbook at for more information.

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