[Solved: possible manual reordering by drag-&-drop] Alphabetical order into the Palettes

• May 18, 2024 - 13:24

It will be nice to have the Palettes in alphabetical order, instead of a random order as it is now.
it will expedite the research at glance.

Thank you. I hope it will be possible for a 4.3.1

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I asked for that a while ago. The answer was that it wouldn't be practical, due to the many languages supported in MS. And the list couldn't be user-edited, because that would break the links. So, it is what it is.

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No I'm sure could be implemented, but not everyone wants alphabetical order. Some prefer ordering by frequency of use, for example. And as reordering us so easy implementing multilingual alphabetical order seems hardly worth the effort. However Musecore is an open source project and if it matters a lot to you, you could implement it yourself - but would need to ensure that other users not wanting alphabetical order are not inconvenienced.

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if I was able to code at that level, I was already involved :-) hence as user, I describe my FR.
However for the frequency of use etc: that's good point. A good filter that lets the user to chose the order that's not random can be useful.
Anyhow as Isaid, I was not aware about the possibility to manually reorder the fields. I did it in less than 2 minutes :-)

FYI: I've had mine ordered alphabetically for quite a while. You will likely find, as I did, that this is not the best order. But your best order will differ from mine and likely from anyone else. Experiment.

To change the order, just drag a palette up or down the list and drop.

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