Crash 4.3 version as loading scores written with 4.0 version

• May 18, 2024 - 10:45

the new 4.3 version crashes as I load some scores written with the previous one (4.0).
It regards all the scores using a personnal style used to write chord chart.
I am convinced that this is due to the style not recognize when loaded.

If I can't solve this problem I will lose a half of my job.

Thanks a lot for your help

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Better look for a bar job, I'm afraid. I extracted the .MSCX file, tried to open it in 4.3 but it crashed. Opened it in 4.2 and there's just a lot of empty measures. I inspected the file and the creation date is listed as November last year and there don't appear to be any notes in it.

I solved my problem loading the old 4.2 release to replace the 4.3.
It only remains to me to find a job in a bar (thank you underquark for your advise).

Thank you for your help

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Known issue :

The cause : you had unchecked "Show clef" in the staff/part properties in your score. In fact, this problem concerns all clefs (standard, TAB, percussion).

Yes, going back to a previous version is a solution. But since the patch has already been merged, downloading a recent nightly or portable version was another, here: (at the bottom)

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