Part names lost when music is edited

• May 18, 2024 - 07:07

I have a score with four vocal parts. I am using the piano instrument, but name the parts so that when I export just one part it has the appropriate name on it. (Here is my post asking how to do that:

My issue is that my part names are lost when I edit the score. I can save the score and they are not lost, I can export it and they are not lost, but when I start editing (I think either notes or lyrics) they revert to Piano, Piano (1), Piano (2) and Piano (3).

This is not catastrophic but it is annoying and I think it must be a bug. If there is any other info I can supply that would be helpful pls let me know.


How did you set up this score? It almost seems like you may have done it backwards.
Set the score up as vocal parts. Not as piano. Set up the score for tenor, lead (pick something and change it later), bari., and bass. In the mixer, change the sound to piano for each part. I couldn't get the labels to change no matter what I did.

Set up any score with the instruments you want. You can change the sound to anything you want by using the mixer.

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