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• May 17, 2024 - 20:33

Hi! I need to hear playback of some sheet music I have on my computer. I asked ChatGPT if it could do that. It responded, saying no, but then directed me to MuseScore. A quick glance of MuseScore appears to be a sheet music writing program. Is there an option to get the program to play back music already written?

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If you have good pdf's there is a way for MuseScore to change them to be played. PDF's need to be flat and straight. Not like your images. And the last two measures are going to be a problem.

And it isn't just MuseScore that will have a problem.

It only took me about 30 minutes to enter. Another 5 minutes to proof-read. The ZIP file contains MSCZ, PDF, and MP3 files for each. If you need anything different, download and install the application and modify the MSCZ file yourself.

[A few moments later] Helps if I actually upload the file *facepalm*

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I really hate the various "Voice" sounds. I should have changed them to another instrument(s) that a) sounds more clear, but b) still has a bit of the intonation of a human voice: oboe, harmonica, the saxophones, and trombone all work fairly well for that.

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