Convert melody lead sheet to guitar with Rhythm notation (slashes)

• May 17, 2024 - 16:46

Hi. I am wondering what the best (most efficient) way would be to convert a traditional jazz lead-sheet (chords, melody and lyrics) into a "guitar part" (at the non-music-reading guitarist's request!) that only shows slashes instead of notes.
The problem I encounter is that the chords and lyrics are "attached" to the melody line, and when I replaced it with rhythm notation (Tools > Fill with slashes) the chords and lyrics disappear. If I copy the lyrics first, I find I can past them back; but I can't copy/cut both the chords AND the lyrics at the same time to work around this task.
Does anyone have ideas about the best way to go about this?


You'd want to plan that from the beginning. Enter the notes with the rhythm, change to "rhythmic slashes", then add chords and lyrics.

[A couple of hours later] It occurred to me that you might be talking about an already existing lead sheet, rather than one you are creating from scratch. It'll work the same way. Instead of "enter the notes with the rhythm", copy the notes (pitch and rhythm) from the existing lead sheet score into a blank score. Then continue to change to "rhythmic slashes", and add chords and lyrics.

I believe that's the best you can do. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong!!!)

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