Forums for the website

• May 17, 2024 - 16:17

I feel rather out of place lol
Could a new forum be added for the website?
Kind of general purpose, encompassing several kinds of posts.
Perhaps a different divider for the forums: website.
It could also feature forums for

Alright, I know what you’re thinking. This is, which has the forums for the free notation software MuseScore studio.

However, I am not suggesting that you make the forums for here.

This would simply be a link.
Potential new forums: support support (link to improving
iOS app support (link to musescore for iOS)
Android app support (link to musescore for iOS)

And possibly a link to the MuseScore official group.

When selecting the forum for a post, the .com options would copy your text (possibly translating the bbcode) to a discussion upon saving.


I think that .com needs to clarify their forums a lot better. Org could link to...what on .com? People come here from .com all the time not realizing they aren't in the right place.
There already is a General Forum.
There already is a Support Forum.
I think that if there is an iOS forum, then there needs to be a Windows and Linux and Chromebook forums.
MuseScore official group?
I'm not saying there might not be a need for some reorganization. But it needs to be simple.

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