multiple issues

• May 17, 2024 - 14:57

Hi all, I’ve got some issues with this piece’s MuS version and I would like to ask this audience for help.
Let me start explaining what I expect to be the evolution of the music according to the paper score in attachment.
I expect to go from bar 1 to 4 twice, then play till bar 44.
Back to 1 to repeat twice bars 1 to 4, then go up to 13.
From 13 jump to 30 and continuing up to 40 and then jump to 45 and continuing up to the end.
In the attached MuS, first: I don’t know how to implement the jump 13 to 30 on the second time.
Second: it doesn’t execute the second big loop correctly.
Thanks for your help.

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IMHO it is not possible in MuseScore.

In the paper score it's not possible yet either, because they used a simple indication for the musicians to jump to m. 30 at m. 13. There is no such jump instruction in normal music notation.

The problem is that two nested repeats are used here. The repeat of measure 4 and that of measure 44 refer to the same starting point.

Unfortunately, I can't think of a solution without significantly enlarging the score.

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